Southeast Missouri THATCamp 2013 FAQ

What is Southeast Missouri THATCamp?

Southeast Missouri THATCamp 2013 is an informal humanities and technology conference on September 28, 2013, from 9 am – 5pm at the Arcadia Academy in Arcadia, MO.

What exactly do I have to do at this thing?

All you have to do is show up.  You can propose a session on any topic you choose.  That means you will lead a discussion on that topic. But you don’t have to propose anything at all.

What kind of topics?

Anything having to do with humanities and technology.  We encourage connections to rural communities, but it is all up to you.

What are the humanities and technology?

Humanities covers a wide range of academic disciplines: Literature, Philosophy, History, and more –basically, the liberal arts and social sciences.  Technology includes social media, computer programming, the Internet, innovations, inventions, etc.

Do you have to be an academic or expert to attend?

THATCamps are open to everyone, no matter if you have attended college or have PhD.  You just have to be curious and willing to learn. There will be academics and experts who will attend, and members of the community.  This will lead to an interesting experience for all involved.

What kind of topics do people usually propose?

Most of the sessions tend to be about figuring out how technology can help the humanities and vice versa.  Sessions at THATCamp range from theoretical discussions to real life applications.  For example, creating a virtual Civil War Battle experience, using social media in the classroom, to archiving genealogical records for a history museum.  The possibilities are endless.

What if I don’t know anything about humanities or technology?

First off, you know more than you know because we use that knowledge everyday.  At the beginning of the day we will have a workshop about the academic field the “digital humanities.”  You will get to learn some ways humanities and technology are used in this field and in other disciplines.

What if I am an expert or digital humanities is my field?

There will be a wide range of expertise and interest at this THATCamp, so you will have an opportunity to network and discuss topics with similarly interested colleagues, and will also get to share your research and work with the general public.

What do I get if I attend?

All attendees receive $50 and free meals.

What do you mean you will pay me…and feed me?

Yes, we pay you and give you free breakfast and lunch, thanks to a grant from the Missouri Humanities Council.

Do I get anything else?

Yes, a free optional “haunted tour” of the Academy that evening, and a free optional tour of the Fort Davidson Civil War Battlefield.

Will I have fun?

YES!  Talking about ideas is fun…but we also will play a fun game (with prizes), eat great food in a beautiful setting, and get to know each other.

Where is Arcadia, MO?

Arcadia, MO is 2 hours from St. Louis and 80 miles from Cape Girardeau.  Our closest “big town” is Farmington.  We are off highway 21 or Highway 72.

000000;">What is the Arcadia Academy?

The Academy is a former Civil War Hospital and Catholic Girl’s School. It is now a popular event venue with a restaurant.  They also have a bed and breakfast and hostel rooms starting at $35.  More information is available at

Who is putting this thing on?

The River Valley Region Association is a 501(c)3 tasked with educating the public about the Arcadia Valley & Black River Region in order to help the area develop and recover economically. THATCamps take place all over the world (for more info about THATCamps, go to

Now what do I do?

Register at  and you are all set.  Or email if you are interested.


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