Want to know more what Southeast Missouri THATCamp is?

THATCamps are humanities and technology “unconferences.”  They are highly interdisciplinary, informal and improvised events that encourage brainstorming and collaboration about a variety of topics.

There are a few aspects that make our Southeast Missouri THATCamp a bit different because we are not tied to an institution and encourage non-academics to attend.

Arcadia Valley is a small rural area whose nearest academic institution is about 45 minutes away and is a community college.  There are digital humanities oriented programs in St. Louis, but it is a two hour drive from here. However, there are people in our area who are interested in topics related to the humanities and technology–or want to learn about these topics!  Our goal is to develop dialogue between those well-versed in digital humanities, and related disciplines, and those living in our rural community.

However, we have a significant number of academics who will be attending and hope they will share the exciting work they do and ideas they have.  We encourage these participants to tailor their explorations and explanations to a more general audience, while at the same time posing challenging questions and proposing innovative applications.

For participants who are non-academics or unfamiliar with the digital humanities, we encourage you to not feel intimidated.  You may not have a specific session to propose, and may not have the same knowledge base that those who specialize in the digital humanities.  And that is okay!  Bring your questions and feel free to interrupt and say you don’t understand something–or be comfortable asking for a real-life connection or application if a discussion seems too theoretical or abstract.

One of the most exciting–and scary–aspects of the THATCamp is that it is an unfamiliar experience for most people.  And for people who don’t normally attend academic conferences, it can be even scarier!  However, Southeast Missouri THATCamp is pretty simple.  A bunch of people who come to discuss and share ideas in an informal setting.  And get $50 to attend and eat free food in a beautiful and peaceful area!  If you are curious, like to discuss new ideas, and have a thirst for learning, what could be better than that?

Southeast Missouri THATCamp, September 28, 2013, 9am-5pm, at the Arcadia Academy in Arcadia, MO, which is about 2 hours from St. Louis.

For more generally about what a THATCamp is:

Here is a great video that explains a bit more about what a THATCamp is: youtu.be/g-TbGgmrJwc


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