Information for THATCampers

Proposing a session

We encourage all THATCampers to propose sessions either before the event or when we schedule the sessions as a group on Saturday.  Sessions can be on any topic related to humanities and/or technology, but we encourage you to make connections to how rural communities can develop. By proposing a session, you are agreeing to be a discussion leader based on your topic.  You will not need to present anything formal, just be willing to share any information needed to facilitate the discussion.  Please make sure to gear your proposal to all levels of expertises and knowledge bases — we have a wide range of people attending this event! On the day of the THATCamp, we will decide as a group what sessions to include.  Email session proposals to .


A free continental breakfast and lunch buffet will be provided on Saturday.


Wifi will be available during the event.  If you need any other technology (including audio/visual) provided, please request it ahead of time.


Each THATCamper will receive a $50 honorarium.  You will be asked to give your name, mailing address, and social security number. Checks will be mailed within 90 days.  You will also be given a chance to donate back (but are in no way obligated) your honorarium to help us organize next year’s Southeast Missouri THATCamp.


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